Server Hardware

The server hardware team was responsible for researching optimal hardware choices for a server that could be used to host and make useful educational information available to schools in remote and environmentally challenging regions where electrical power cannot be taken for granted, and Internet connectivity is unstable or non-existent. Some of the considerations that primarily affected these choices include environmental factors, ease of use, durability, robustness, and cost. Since the principal stakeholders in Micronesia will have limited technology exposure and experience, ease of use was a key concern and led to the design of a simple website that will act as a content management system. This system will allow students and teachers to access the educational material provided by the content team via utilization of an intuitive interface. All of the relevant educational content (provided largely by the RACHEL project) and teacher training materials were added to the server and organized in such a way that will allow expansion and addition of new content in the future. Another key component of the project involved the formation of training materials related directly to the server and will provide a helpful starting point for administrative entities to effectively handle issues and provide a basic understanding of the underlying technology.