SolarCubed ICT Lab

Our goal is to empower schools worldwide through the use of environmentally sustainable technologies.

The Challenge
The need for improvements to education in the developing world is widely recognized. Technological innovations have been utilized but so far many solutions have fallen short. School technology installations often face problems such as:

  • Non-existent or inconsistent energy sources
  • Inadequate infrastructure
  • Enormous cost of implementation
  • Lack of locally-based solar expert

Our Solution
We developed an all-in-one, modular computing unit. Our innovative packaging converts the shipping box into the computer lab table and can be installed within a few hours. The simple and efficient design reduces the complexity of installation and maintenance and empowers off-grid schools to more easily utilize computer-related technology.

Our First Prototype


1208 - PISCES Project Trip

Our Second Prototype
Our new design improves upon the previous designs in multiple ways.  Most notably, we have switched from laptops to ultra-mobile yet versatile tablets in this iteration. Overall, the system as a whole is much more modular and portable. It also requires much less scheduled maintenance. It is also much more judicious in terms of power usage. The whole system remains DC-only for power; it eliminates the issue of having large, cumbersome, expensive lead acid batteries and inverters.

The whole package is one complete unit – in the shape of a rectangular box – that has either 6 Intel Classmate laptops or 10 Android tablets (shown with keyboard attachments), 2 solar panels of appropriate rating, a charge controller, a router, a server and all the wiring that tags along with all the equipment. The whole box is designed to unfold into a table that can be used as furniture in the classrooms. We see this as a particularly important feature since a lot of our target schools in developing communities lack sufficient classroom furniture, and it also means that there is no packaging waste.